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1,000 Online Merchants Use Sirclo Store


Jakarta -The company’s e-commerce solutions provider, Sirclo, has facilitated transactions worth more than US $ 7 million in the first half of 2018.

The figure is accounted for by nearly 1,000 paid users of the Sirclo Store, one of two elite trading solutions offered by Sirclo.

Sirclo Store is a ready-made platform (template) for small and medium-sized local brands looking to have an online store site.

Some local brands that use Sirclo Store solution is Luna Maya’s Luna Maya and This Is April which already has at least 40 physical stores in Indonesia.

In addition, Sirclo Store supports brands such as Ittaherl and Wearing Klamby selling webhunt methods or hunting products online for a certain period.

“The average transaction per day recorded from all paid users of Sirclo Store reaches Rp550 million during the period from January to June 2018,” said Serblo Founder and Chief Executive Officer Brian Marshal, Monday (9/7).

Brian states in addition to paid services, there are about 50,000 users who access the free service Sirclo Store.

“As the e-commerce industry grows in Indonesia and see the growth of various brands that have trusted Sirclo services, we realize that everything we do has a huge impact on brands,” he continued.

In addition to Sirclo Store, Sirclo also recently offers Sirclo Commerce, an end-to-end channel management solution for major brands including consumer products (FMCG) that want to expand its reach into the online realm.

“Sirclo Commerce is currently working with at least 20 companies representing more than 80 major brands,” said Brian.

Sirclo Commerce claims record sales spikes during shopping periods such as Harbolnas (National Online Shopping Day), Idul Fitri Day, and Christmas. For example, the combined turnover of Sirclo Commerce users ahead of Idul Fitri 2018 increased more than twice the average turnover in the preceding months of the same year.


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