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6 DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras Under Rp 5 Millions


Choosing and buying a camera for beginners is quite difficult. Difficult because so many camera options where each camera has advantages and disadvantages of each in each type. It has not compared it with other brands. It will be more difficult if the budget is very limited.

Here there is a selection of cameras that can be owned with a budget in the number five millions. It is the cheapest budget to get a camera of comparable quality. The two types of this list, namely DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras.

Keep in mind that the price range mentioned on this list is the price of a new camera, but it can not be a sure benchmark. These camera prices are influenced from the condition of the dollar price. Discontinue problems are also able to raise the price of goods because it is difficult to find the item. There is always a chance you get a price below five million, but it is not impossible also you get the price above it.

1Canon Eos M-10 (Rp 5.100.000)

Eos M-10 is a mirrorless camera. With a simple shape, M-10 is not hard to carry everywhere. Not to mention the body is very light, not reaching 2 kilograms, even staying digadang as the lightest mirrorless camera to date. The advantages of this camera is the result of a better shot than the pocket camera in general, but he does not have a viewfinder and so far no pro lens.

2Sony Alpha a5100 (Rp 5.750.000)

For offline stores, most of you will be offered this camera if your budget is at five million rupiah. Sony Alpha a5100 has a image sensor that is larger than rekannnya Sony Rx100 pocket camera. Though the price of both cameras is equivalent.

Not to mention a5100 is also more sophisticated in autofocus. The problem of this mirrorless camera is the a5100 has no weather sealed, viewfinder and 4K features that are usually found on a6300 and a6500. But hey, who cares if you’ve got a high definition image at that price?

3Nikon 1 J5 (Rp 5,500,000)

Nikon does not have many options for mirrorless cameras, but do not underestimate this type 1 J5. The elegant design makes you instantly want to own it, but more than that J5 is capable of capturing images up to 20 frames per second.

Not to mention the resolution that reaches 20.8 megapixels and build-in Wi-fi and NFC which means you can directly send images to your smartphone. Since this camera was released in 2015 (including a long time) it is possible to find this camera spare part is very difficult.

4Nikon D3300 (Rp 5,500,000)

For you beginners who want to learn about photography, you can try Nikon D3300 DSLR camera. This camera has given the image quality is quite good, equivalent to D3400 and very affordable. With the price at five million rupiah, you should have got this camera with the lens. D3300 battery life is not so good, but it is reversed with the quality of its flash.

5Canon Eos Rebel T6 (Rp 5.000.000)

Rebel T6 is an alternative choice if you do not find the Nikon D3300. Rebel T6 lost in resolution when compared to the D3300, but he has a simpler autofocus feature. Also with the price in the figure of five million rupiah you also have obtained the lens 18-55 mm. It’s been great to start shooting.

6Canon Eos Rebel T5 (Rp 4.750.000)

For the budget is more limited again, can try to have Rebel T5. DSLR camera has a price below T6: the difference is $ 100 or range of 700 thousand to one million rupiah. In a way, this is the cheapest camera you can have. Why can it be cheap? The LCD screen is not touch screen, burst rate or ability to shoot in slow succession, and its autofocus is very basic.

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