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6 Things You Need To Have To Be Ready To Be Husband


Husband’s status is every man’s dream. With a marriage, he can be with the woman he loves. Getting married is not just a matter of heart that is in love. But he also talks about total preparedness and mentality. You do not just rely on the education or look that you have. Investigate deeper, to what extent you are able to explain who you are and the feasibility of marriage.

Well, before you panic with the future situation, you better prepare yourself from now on. What should you do? Come on, see!

1Have a strong character

Build a strong character in yourself. Learn to gain a commendable attitude, behavior. Do not show your strengths just for the sake of expecting praise from others. Conversely, have the excess because of your true self.

2Home skills and work world

Not only about morals, you also have to have home skills and skills for the world of work and career that you pioneered. Electrical installation, machine technician and carpenter are examples of skills that will be useful when married later.

In addition, you must also prepare yourself with useful skills as a source of nagkah. Even if you choose to be an employee, those skills will be useful in unexpected times. You can use it to earn extra money.

3The science of religion

The science of religion is so important you have to be able to guide your little family towards the good. Religion also teaches God’s fear. Religion is needed to organize the proper way of life and your family.

4Assets and savings

Even though you are young, there is nothing wrong with accumulating savings and assets. Both are very useful for keeping the family economy. If at any time you need money for a certain fee, you can use assets or savings. In addition, having savings shows that you are a man who is ready in various situations.

5Attitude as well as empathy

Be a firm man as well as empathy. That is, you must have a strong and soft side at the same time. The goal, to keep you stable when faced with various problems.

6Flexible communication style

Flexible communication style you need to create a warm and intimate interaction with the couple and their family. You can talk to any theme without showing a stiff side. Impact, you will be easily accepted by your partner’s family.

Well, that’s the preparation you have to do in order to become a decent husband. Good luck!

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