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7 Powerful Yoga Face Style Reduce Fat on the cheek


Having a chubby cheek does make most girls feel less confident. Not just a girl with a fairly large weight who cheeks chubby, a lot of skinny girls whose cheeks are not gaunt.

If you feel disturbed by the size of your cheeks, maybe you can get used to this yoga facial movement for your cheeks a bit more gaunt.

1Unfold both hands and pull both cheeks to the lips with the fist

2Press both cheeks with the middle finger and index finger, other fingers support the chin and lower lip inserted

3Press the area around the eyes and eyebrows using four fingers with the position of the lips spelled but smile thinly

4Say the letter AIUEO to draw facial muscles, do 5-10 times

5Fill your mouth with air, kembungkan to the right and left in turn. Repeat 5-10 times

6Pull all your cheeks in until it looks exhausted. Do it for 10 seconds and repeat 5-10 times

7Close each yoga face by taking a deep breath and taking off

9Like this:



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