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AGO Prepares Snares for Corporate Illegal Logging Entrepreneurs


Jakarta -The Attorney General’s Office is finalizing the Attorney General’s Regulation relating to illegal logging cases that not only ensnare individuals as suspects but also ensnare companies that have benefited from illegal logging crimes.

Attorney General for General Crime (JAM Pidum) at the Attorney General Noor Rochmad said that the Attorney General’s Regulation has now entered the finalization stage and is confirmed to be completed shortly.

He holds the view for an appropriate case of illegal logging of sanctions not only entraping the perpetrator as a suspect, but also ensnaring the corporation as a suspect and being indicted.

“The concept of the Attorney General’s Regulation is in the finalization phase, not fully completed, probably not long before I will inform you,” as published on Bisnis Indonesia on Thursday (28/6/2018).

According to him, if the regulation has been implemented then all companies benefiting from illegal logging crime can be charged as suspects such as alleged criminal corruption case of using frequency network that has ensnared PT Indosat Tbk corporation and subsidiary of PT Indosat Mega Media (IM2) as a corporate suspect.

“So the concept is similar to Indosat IM2 case that has been snared by the corporation as a suspect.” Companies that receive profits from illegal logging can be subject to sanctions in the judiciary, “he said.


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