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Are You Social Media Addicted Couples? This Is What You Can Do

Couples social media behavior is a concern that develops among many people.


JAKARTA – Couples to social media behavior is a growing concern among many people.

For example, if our partners play social media too often, it will certainly arouse suspicion what they do while surfing the virtual world.

“This is a problem faced by most millennial pairs. We become so dependent on social media that sometimes, we don’t even realize how much time we spend on it. As a result, we compromise the time we need to spend with the people we love. No, it’s surprised that it makes them feel unwanted and unloved – two main factors for someone to feel insecure in a relationship, “said Shweta Singh, Senior Consultant Psychologist as quoted by Timesofindia.com

So, if you are disturbed by such behavior, should you face your partner? If you answer ‘yes’ to this question, how effectively do you start talking with a subject so that he doesn’t feel intimidated or accuses you of violating their privacy?

Yes, that is not an easy thing to do. But here are some suggestions that might help you deal with the situation logically.

  • Find out what makes you uncomfortable

Besides the fact that it affects the time your partner spends with you, what other factors make you uncomfortable with your partner’s social media behavior?

Is that because he didn’t comment on your posts or share them? Or, is it because he is friends with people you don’t like? Or, support political views that you disagree with? It’s important to know the real reason behind your inconvenience.

  • Decide how you discuss it with your partner

After analyzing the reasons behind your inconvenience, it is time to decide how you deal with it without making your partner feel that you violate his privacy. According to relationship experts, it’s always better to deal with problems directly.

  • Don’t judge

One of the biggest mistakes we make when we discuss problems with partners is that we tend to be judgmental. Similarly, when discussing your partner’s social media behavior, you should not start something like, “You always spend your time looking at the profile of young women. What’s wrong with you?

Your behavior towards me has changed because you have found more interesting people on social media.

Please do not use such statements when discussing problems. Be open to discussing and explaining your problem logically. Tell how this affects the time you both spend together rather than just concentrating on yourself.

  • Monitor the behavior of social media

When you explain that your partner’s behavior influences relationships, you may also have to answer how you monitor his behavior?

Do you follow your partner online or use a password to track their activities? If you use such behavior, it will definitely backfire. So, be fair and honest. Monitor your partner’s behavior without misusing their beliefs and without violating privacy.

  • Make some basic rules

After you and your partner reach a mutual agreement, you must immediately establish some basic rules such as fixed time to explore social media. Don’t entertain requests or social media activities outside of these hours. If something you don’t approve of someone or a group your partner is following, let him know about it. Also, this rule must apply to both.

Source: Timesofindia


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