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Bobobox Wins Pre-Series A Funding, Plans for Expansion to 11 Cities

Bobobox offers "pods" or capsules at affordable prices, starting from Rp140 thousand per night.


JAKARTA – Bobobox, a startup company from Bandung that provides capsule hotel accommodation, plans to expand its expansion to 11 new cities to grow its business this year.

The expansion was carried out after the company announced the acquisition of pre-Series A funding that will be used to intensify its expansion in Indonesia in the next two years. The unpublished value of the funding came from previous investors, namely Alpha JWC Ventures, Genesia Ventures, and three other international investors not mentioned. Previously, Bobobox received its first funding from JWC Ventures and Genesia Ventures in mid-2018.

Established since 2017, Bobobox currently has one flagship hotel in Bandung which has 62 capsules. The company also plans to expand to 11 different locations, including Jabodetabek, Bogor, Bali and Yogyakarta.

Bobobox CEO Indra Gunawan stated that the company that has been offering capsules with King-sized mattresses will start offering Single mattresses this year. In addition, the company will also add features in their application to provide better facilities and services for guests. This was also done as a strategy in competition with fellow capsule hotel players and budget hotels.

“We will provide exclusive integrated technology. Guests can order, check-in and check out through the Bobobox application, more convenient. We will also offer a wider, more private space and better security, “he added.

He added, later there will also be several new business models to be developed, as well as collaboration / strategic cooperation. Unlike other SaaS [software-as-a-service] hospitality players who only provide branding, he said, he also helped independent hotels by providing capsules, systems and marketing.

Bobobox Antonius Bong’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Bobobox intends to become a game changer in the Indonesian hospitality industry. The company enters the large Southeast Asian hospitality industry market with an estimated value of US $ 20 million.

Driven by millennials, the need for global demand for budget hotels is expected to show an increasing trend. With capsules and business models, Bobobox also handles the challenges of space, security and affordability that usually appear in budget hotel accommodations.

“We plan to become the largest accommodation network in Indonesia by 2020 by reaching more than 200 locations. Its properties can be owned, or fully operated by Bobobox, “said.

Instead of providing hotel rooms, Bobobox offers “pods” or capsules that have everything needed during breaks at affordable prices, starting at Rp140 thousand per night, so travelers can allocate money for more important things, namely experiencing the city visited. The capsule is equipped with application-controlled door access, adjustable light, security, Bluetooth speakers, comfortable King sized mattress, work area and cooling room.

Alpha JWC Ventures Co-Founder and Managing Partner Chandra Tjan stated that Bobobox’s growth and transactions have grown exponentially since the first time it funded them, so this continued funding is a natural decision, not only funding, but also business support for them.


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