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Bodong Investment, Beware of Catut Fintech Savings and Loan Cooperatives

The Savings and Loans Cooperative (KSP) Sejahtera Bersama Bogor, allegedly became a victim of fraudulent cases under the guise of investment.


JAKARTA – The Sejahtera Joint Savings and Loans Cooperative (KSP) of Bogor, allegedly became a victim of fraudulent cases under the guise of investment.

Iwan Setiawan, Supervisor of the KSP Sejahtera Bersama claimed that the name of the KSP Sejahtera Bersama Bogor had been taken over by the perpetrators on behalf of a fintech company to collect funds illegally from the public.

“There is fintech on behalf of KSP Sejahtera Bersama to commit fraud by offering loans to the public,” he said through an official statement on Saturday (02/03/2019).

Iwan admitted that he was harmed by this case, because it was feared that it could lead to public distrust of the cooperative. The party immediately took the initiative to report to the National Police Headquarters with criminal defamation and spread hoaxes (hoaxes)

“The police response, so they cannot follow up because they have to have legal standards. For example, if you want to be handled by the National Police Headquarters, the value of the loss is IDR 5 billion and the case has spread to several provinces, “Iwan said.

However, according to Iwan, the police must intervene in investigating this case so as not to cause sustained anxiety from the community. In addition, he hopes that the perpetrators can be arrested for making the victims of the community.

 “The people who are victims have not been willing to report because on average they are afraid that they are considered stupid people, how come they can be lied to,” said Iwan.

According to him in this case, the perpetrator uses the mode of offering cheap and easy loans to the public. People who are interested in the loan are asked to deposit funds into the recruiters ranging from Rp500 thousand – Rp.2 million.

“For that we appeal to the public that do not trust promises of offering easy, cheap loans by depositing funds to that person. “All cooperatives have procedures,” Iwan added.


Not long ago, the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs had made a circular letter to the agencies in charge of cooperatives and SMEs, as well as cooperative movements in the regions to be aware of similar cases which have recently emerged.

Suparno, Deputy of the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Supervision, said that a circular had been made so that the agency conveyed to the cooperative movement that they were aware of fraudulent forms like this.

Kemenkop and UKM prioritize prevention to provide protection for cooperatives by making circular letters. Besides that, he also held a coordination meeting with the National Police Bareskrim, and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN).

According to Suparno, in handling cases of ignorant investment this requires a long process, and needs caution. Therefore, he hopes the public will not blame each other easily.

“What is certain is that we have coordinated with the National Police Criminal Investigation Unit because handling cases like this is not as easy as turning a palm. So it’s still being processed, so the name is also the investigation must wait, “he said.

The Ministry of Cooperatives and Cooperatives and SMEs received many public complaints about fraud cases under the guise of investment. The perpetrators profite the name of the cooperative to trick the community.

Among the names of cooperatives that were taken up were KSP Sejahtera Bersama Bogor, KSP Nasari, Koperasi Syariah Benteng Mikro Indonesia (BMI), and Kospin Jasa.


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