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Boeing Stop the 737 MAX Trial in 2017 due to Machine Problems


Jakarta – Boeing aircraft manufacturer was recorded to have stopped flight trials for the 737 MAX series. That dismissal, according to Boeing on Wednesday (10/5/2017), was due to a problem with the 737 MAX engine which was a collaboration between Boeing and General Electric (GE) and Safran from France.

Citing a Reuters report on May 11, 2017, Boeing’s decision to stop the trial appeared several days before they sent the first 737 MAX to an airline. This stop was very surprising considering that the 737 MAX was one of the latest Boeing projects.

Boeing and CFM as the engine makers at the time claimed not to know how long the delay would take. Fortunately, no airline has used 737 MAX so that the delay does not cause public concern.

However, the delay actually affected Boeing’s shares. After announcing the delay, Boeing shares fell 1.3% to US $ 183.15 when the New York stock exchange closed late in the afternoon, while GE shares fell 0.9% to US $ 28.67.

The 737 MAX is the latest series of legendary Boeing 737 production. 737 Max 8 is the first version developed. The aircraft has a capacity of 162 passenger seats and is sold by Boeing for US $ 110 million per unit.

Delays in sending aircraft to customers have an impact on Boeing’s increasing inverse. Rob Stallard, an analyst at Vertical Research Partners said that this condition is normal, he explained, “Because basically the plane is waiting for the engine.”

Malaysian airline Malindo Air is the first buyer scheduled to receive 737 MAX on Monday (5/15/2017) for the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore route flight which was due to start on May 19.

However, Malindo Air CEO Chandran Rama Muthy told Reuters that he would not use the aircraft until May 22. He did not explain why.

Meanwhile, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA is scheduled to receive 737 MAX at the end of May. However, his party is considering a delay of several days.
“However this decision will not delay the launch of the trans-Atlantic route from the United States to Edinburgh,” said spokesman for Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA Anders Lindstorm.

Southwest Airlines, which is also the initial buyer of the 737 MAX, said that Boeing did not provide notification regarding late delivery. They expected to start receiving the 737 MAX at the end of the year after retiring the older 737 series.

On the other hand, American Airlines, which ordered 100 units of 737 MAX, refused to comment on delays in delivery.

The 737 MAX problem arose at the end of the first week of May 2017 when Safran as the engine maker discovered a quality problem on a large metal disk in a low-pressure turbine on the rear of the engine, said Jamie Jewell, spokesman for aircraft engine maker CFM International.

CFM immediately notified Boeing which then canceled the trial of 21 aircraft. GE spokesman Rick Kennedy said the metal plate in question had not been installed on the aircraft engine.

“There were no problems with the engine when [testing] on the field,” Jewell said.

Kennedy said that all of the 30 to 40 machines that had been made would be sent to Lafayette, Indiana or Villaroche, France for inspection.

Boeing did not provide information on how long the inspection would take place but Kennedy said Safran would continue the engine manufacturing process.


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