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BPTJ Not Ensure LRT Can Operate During Asian Games


Jakarta -Head of Jabodetabek Transportation Management Agency (BPTJ) of the Ministry of Transportation, Bambang Prihartono, has not confirmed that light trains or LRTs can operate during the 2018 Asian Games event.

Previously, President Director of PT Jakarta Propertindo Satya Heragandhi confirmed that LRT Kelapa Gading-Velodrome route was able to operate for the grand event in August.

“They previously promised to be ready to operate the LRT during the Asian Games. [LRT] In the script I have not entered as a mode of transportation [Asian Games],” said Bambang Prihartono on Tuesday (26/6/2018).

This is because the depot or garage storage warehouse of LRT carriages has not been completed, so Bambang has not guaranteed whether the LRT is feasible to operate or not.

“We will see that although there is no depo, there are actually requirements, there is also a minimum of one month [before the Asian Games],” he said.

He also worried if the depo has not finished ahead of the Asian Games so LRT can not be enabled. “If we do not have a depot, we can not see the operation because we have a sector that handles the problem,” he said.


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