Home News East Java Police: 8 Killed In Attack at 3 Surabaya Churches

East Java Police: 8 Killed In Attack at 3 Surabaya Churches


JAKARTA -East Java Police said eight people were killed by a bomb attack on three churches in Surabaya on Sunday morning.

Head of Public Relations of East Java Police Commissioner Frans Barung Mangera said the eight victims were from three attack locations.

“The temporary update there are eight deaths and 38 injured are currently in hospital including police,” Barung said.

Barung explained of the eight men, out of four people were killed in the Sacred Catholic Church of Immaculate Conception, two in Indonesian Christian Church and two in Central Surabaya Pentecostal Church.

“With great regret this time the victim increased to eight,” he said.

Barung pointed out, currently the police officers who were victims were referred to Dr Soetomo General Hospital Surabaya.

He also asked the media to cooperate with the police by not disseminating information other than information obtained from his side.

“We ask for prayer, we will fight terrorist movements, we are never afraid of acts of terror,” said Barung.

Source : Antara


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