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Every Day, 24,000 Malware Apps Attack Smartphones in Indonesia


JAKARTA -Threats in the mobile devices continue to grow from year to year, user habits that often ignore software updates aggravate them.

Internet Security Report Symantec Volume 23 records of all devices with the Android operating system, only 20% run the latest version. Meanwhile, the number of new mobile malware variants increased by 54% throughout 2017 ie from 17,214 variants to 26,579 variants.

Director, Systems Engineering, Symantec Malaysia & Indonesia David Rajoo said when the old operating system continues to be used the risk of attack will be higher.

“The latest version of the software usually contains an update of the weaknesses they found in previous versions, including the weakness of the security side,” said Rajoo in Jakarta, Friday (13/4/2018).

According to him, mobile users also face the privacy risks of grayware applications. Such an application, Rajoo said, is not entirely dangerous but often troublesome victims. Symantec data found that 63% of grayware device applications leaked phone numbers of their users.

Rajoo estimates grayware attacks will still be rampant this year, mirrored in 2017 data that noted a grayware increase of 20%.

“It’s not a problem that will disappear,” Rajoo said.

Therefore, Rajoo appealed to mobile users not to ignore permission notifications for app updates. The newer version of the app, according to Rajoo, the more immune our mobile device.

Furthermore, he said Indonesia entered into the top 10 countries that most blocked mobile malware attacks last year.

“Symantec blocked an average of 24,000 malicious mobile apps every day last year,” he added.


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