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Garuda Discusses the Problem of Workers After Eid


JAKARTA -Garuda Indonesia will hold a meeting and re-dialogue with Garuda Pilot Association (APG) and Garuda Employees Union (Sekarga) after Lebaran period.

Garuda Indonesia Operations Director Triyanto Moeharsono said the management is focusing on serving passengers who will do back and forth. Predicted peak flow of homecoming is estimated to occur on June 13-14, 2018.

“We will dialogue again after Lebaran,” Triyanto said, Tuesday (6/12/2018).

It questioned the reasons workers would strike if they did not get the best solution from the government. The best solution is not explained in detail and clear.

Previously, APG and Sekarga will strike in the second week of July 2018 if they do not get a solution to their demands.

They demanded the management of Garuda to restructure the number of directors from eight to six people. Ideally, only the president director, the operations director, the technical director, the finance director, the personnel director, and the commercial director.

Workers ask for a change of board of directors of aviation professionals from internal circles. The lawsuit was filed after assessing there were some problems in the management body of the GIAA coded issuer.


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