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Garuda Launches Cheap Eco Basic Tickets on 44 Routes


Jakarta -Garuda Indonesia, full service airlines, launched a new passenger class, Eco Basic which is claimed to be lower than the promotional price.

Nicodemus P. Lampe, Director of Garuda Indonesia Services, said the service is still limited to Explore route using ATR 72-600 and CRJ 1000 NextGen. In addition, the number of tickets sold in this class is only 12 seats per flight.

“We want to make passengers willing to fly with Garuda because this class is cheaper,” said Nicodemus today Thursday (24/05/2018).

Airlines coded issuer GIAA describes there are 44 flight routes that have Eco Basic class. As for, the classes can already be purchased and operate on May 28, 2018.

In the official website of Garuda, Eco Basic is one type of economy class (Economy Class) along with Special Promo, Promo, Affordable, and Flexible. Eco Basic has the most minimal service among other types.

Nicodemus said the price set on the route was slightly above the lower limit rate set by the Ministry of Transportation. The tariff is even claimed to be lower than when the red plate airline is promoting.

The selection of flight routes that have Eco Basic class, he added, based on the time of flying under 2 hours, using aircraft type ATR 72-600 and CRJ1000, and limited to the route Explore.

“It is expected to add SLF [seat occupancy rate] to 10% of each route,” he said.


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