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Hacker Steals Personal Data 1.5 Million Singaporeans


Singapore :The Singapore government is on the point. The reason hackers have managed to steal personal data more than about 1.5 million citizens. The hackers are targeting a government-owned health database.

1The hacker was allegedly in action by the end of June 2018

Reported by the BBC, the hackers target patient data that cares between 1 May 2015 to 4 July this year. The data taken is the name and address however, until the drugs issued are not medical records. The hacker does not alter or delete the patient records.

Data hacked hackers include health data Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong. Data taken on medications administered on an outpatient basis.

This hacking occurs allegedly after Sing Health’s computer is infected with malware that hackers use to access the database. They attacked between 27 June and 4 July.

2For now SingHealth prohibits its employees from accessing the internet to prevent other data leakage

To date, SingHealth, one of Singapore’s largest healthcare providers, prohibits its staff from accessing the Internet on 28,000 computers. This step is taken to clog data leaks from work emails and shared documents. Included also to prevent any further cyber attacks. Other public health agencies are expected to do the same.

3For whatever health data it is. But the government claims to form an inquiry committee

Through its Facebook post, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said it would set up an inquiry committee to find out about the issue. He said the safety and confidentiality of patient information was a top priority for the government. The Singapore government had previously been the target of international hacking. But most of the attacks were thwarted.

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