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Hurricane Alberto Toward Florida, Thousands of Residents Evacuated


Jakarta -Thousands of Florida residents were evacuated on Sunday as Alberto Subtropical Storm moved higher up north through the Gulf of Mexico, with weather forecasts saying the storm could bring life-threatening floods to southern coastal states.

The storm is located 165 km south of Apalachicola, Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico coast at 8 pm local time (0300 GMT Monday) and is expected to land along the Florida Panhandle on Monday, the US National Hurricane Center said.

The first Atlantic storm in 2018, which spins a few days before the hurricane season on June 1, is collecting a maximum angina at 105 km / h and is expected to drop over a rainfall of 30 cm of rain, striking the area from Mississippi to western Georgia.

After that, Alberto’s storm will bring strong winds and heavy rain as it moves into the Tennessee Valley on Tuesday and Wednesday, the storm center said. The storm came during Memorial Day weekend and is expected to make transportation soaring on Monday as many return from holiday trips.

The isolated tornado is expected to occur on the peninsula of Central and North Florida on Sunday night, while Alberto is also expected to bring a storm surge of 60 to 120 cm to a lowland that is likely to cause life-threatening waves.

The Franklin region of the Florida Panhandle has issued mandatory evacuations to the Gulf of Mexico’s barrier islands of about 4,200 house units, while the Taylor region in the east issued voluntary evacuation orders for coastal areas.

Florida Governor Rick Scott, who issued a state of emergency on Saturday to all 67 states, said on Sunday that the Florida National Guard set up 5,500 members to be deployed if needed.

“If an evacuation has been ordered in your neighborhood, do not ignore it,” Scott said on his Twitter account, as quoted by Reuters.

The National Weather Service has issued flood monitoring for the area from Mississippi to North Carolina which is home to millions of people.

The projected hurricane path of Alberto has shifted eastward since Friday, reducing its threat to the area of ​​active oil production in the Gulf of Mexico. Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Exxon Mobil Corp. and Chevron Corp. have evacuated personnel from Gulf offshore oil facilities.


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