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Indian Banking System Going Worst thing Day by Day with Several Scams


Jakarta -In India Several banks are going under revealing scams like recently the well known Government national bank of india i.e. Punjab National Bank of Rs 11,400 cr. loan fraud by Nirav Modi likewise the Largest Private Sector Bank of India ICICI Bank are also come under fraud of Rs 3250 cr loan to Videocon Group According to Indianexpress with bank’s CEO’s husband under sweet deal from Venugopal Dhoot In december 2008.

According to indian citizens they are directly blaming to Banking System becuase in india banks are heavily charging MAB charges to normal accounts user for recovering this kind of fraud loans. in such way the things are going very unethical with indian citizens. According to sources the banking system are going down and untrustable in india because last year the Vijay Mallya frauds Loan of Rs 9000 crores, later Nirav Modi of Rs 11,400 crores collect much media attraction after in same situation RotomacĀ  loan fraud of Rs 3695 crores and now this ICICI Bank’s Videocon Fraud. So how indians can trust in their banking system.

India is known as most trustable economy in world which stand them in upfront but now people are going very highly depressed by the banking situtation and daily loan frauds which is directly belongs to normal users of india becuase banks are trying to recover their money from normal users with irrelevent charges. and more important question arises that how that much money sanctioned without knowing bank, it’s impossible. with this most important note that indian businessman are doing fraud with their own banks then how it’s possible they will not do fraud with foreign investments, are they trying to encourage investment or discourage.


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