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Intiland Ready to Sell 15 Ha Industrial Land to Investors


JAKARTA – Industrial developer Ngoro Industrial Park (NIP), PT Intiland Development Tbk expects to sell up to 15 ha of land to investors companies engaged in consumer products next year.

Director of Intiland Archied Capital and Investment Director Noto Pradono said he is currently negotiating with several related investors.

“Currently available land is still about 90 ha. Additional land sales we expect in the next thun because now we have met the sales target of more than 20 ha, “he told.

This year’s DILD sales target is created through PT Toyota Astra Motor (PT TAM) which starts construction of an integrated logistic facility with a capacity of 6,500 vehicles. The aim is none other than to increase servants supply of new cars and spare parts for customers in East Java and Bali.

The integrated logistic facility construction project is built on 20.3 hectares of land in the Ngoro Industri Persada (NIP) area of ​​Kutogirang village, Ngoro sub-district, Mojokerto regency.

The investment shows the trend of the region getting better.

From that sale DILD earned Rp 386 billion. Prior to the deal with TAM, the company also marketed industrial land to domestic companies engaged in home furnishings, covering an area of ​​2.7 hectares with a value of around Rp 50 billion.

Archied said, along with the high demand and demand for industrial land, land acquisition for industrial land continues to be done.

NIP is an integrated industrial area of ​​500 hectares located in Ngoro district, Mojokerto.

This area is quite strategic with access to the port of Tanjung Perak and Juanda Airport, Surabaya.

As a note the industry’s area has also been designated as one of the national vital industrial sectors equipped with integrated waste treatment facilities and natural gas pipelines.


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