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It’s 5 Signs If You’re Too Stressy with Your Job


Like life, you will experience the twists and turns of work. There are likes and sorrows, some will go up and some will go down. Therefore we must be good at managing ourselves during work. This will make you not stressed at work. And you also need to know the signs that you are too stressed work. What are the signs?

1Your body is often sick

A person’s stress level can trigger pain in the neck, back and muscle spasms. In addition, you will grind your teeth at night without realizing it. This can make you headache and inflammation. Well, if you feel your body is healthy but in fact it hurts every day it means you are under stress.

2You do not remember the last time you moved from your desk

Jobs that many sometimes make some people willing to skip lunch. In addition, you are also willing to go to the toilet for your work quickly completed. In fact, if you have a change in appetite and do not want to go to the toilet is a sign of stress. If you do not eat and urinate, your body can get sick and consequently you will not be productive at work. Sitting all day at the desk is also not good lho for your health. Try to move on and take a walk every few hours.

3You can not focus

Every day, you are always overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do. Because you are so depressed, you can not concentrate on anything. Try to take a break and make a to do list. You do not have to do all your work in one day. Complete one job after another, and you can start from the most urgent. That way, you can re-focus work and not be depressed again.

4You often suffer from flu

The hormones that our body releases when under stress actually include one of the components of the immune system. If the hormone levels are not back to normal, you can experience pain in a long time. In order to get back to normal, you need to take the time to really relax and relax. Try taking some time off and do fun activities outside your work.

5You become insomnia

Have you ever experienced where your body tired but can not sleep? It also becomes one of the signs of stress. You must adjust your sleep patterns to get back to sleep soundly. Do not let your sleep time be reduced only because of work. Also make sure you do not play HP one hour before bedtime.

Everyone must have experienced stress in his life, but do not let this stress always overshadow your days. So after knowing the signs, now is the time to deal with it. Take a break and be ready to return to the office with a fresh mind.

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