Home News Judging from this aspect Indonesia is not Lose from Other Nations

Judging from this aspect Indonesia is not Lose from Other Nations

In terms of history and intelligence there is no reason for the Indonesian people to feel inferior to other nations.


SOLO – The Indonesian nation has strong capital to be equal to other nations in the world.

The Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) Ulama from Yogyakarta, Ahmad Muwafiq or known as Gus Muwafiq stated that Indonesia was not inferior to other nations, both from history and intelligence.

“We sometimes forget that we were once a big nation. Now we are made embarrassed by the story of a contrived Indonesian nation as if we were a dwarf nation,” he said while filling the Kenduri Nusantara with the theme “Prayer of the Children of the Country” at Vastenburg Surakarta Fortress, Sunday (3/3 / 2019).

He added that the sense that Indonesian citizens have in accordance with international standards.

“Europeans have a story of Romeo and Juliet we have Ande Ande Lumut, in Europe there is a Samson story, we have Bandung Bondowoso, Europe has a Cinderella story, here Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, in Europe there is the story of Kura Kura Ninja, here Kancil Help “Cucumber. It’s the same, complete, and beautiful,” he explained.

He mentioned that the Indonesian nation was a very strong nation so that the people did not need to hesitate to become an Indonesian nation.

Whereas in terms of religion, according to him the split that had once happened had been eliminated since the Majapahit era.

“Since then interfaith can take care of each other, we have Unity in Diversity. Same as now, Banser keeps the Christmas celebration,” he said.

Therefore, he requested that the community should not be easily provoked by problems in the name of religion.

On the same occasion, Chairman of the Kenduri Nusantara Committee, Eni Wahyuningsih, explained that the activity was carried out as a form of concern for a group of people over the condition of the Indonesian nation which began to be divided.

“There are 02 and 01, even though we are brothers. Living in a beautiful country and in the same place. This joint prayer is for Indonesian unity. We also do not represent one of the candidates, we are just ordinary people who care,” he explained.

Source: Antara


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