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Just Today, 25,000 Thousand Shopping in Tokopedia


Jakarta -Tokopedia’s online ecommerce company presents a variety of digital innovations to deliver a new shopping experience, different from the ones that were previously available.

“Why is Ramadan extra? Because something is in May it’s all extra, so it can be extra cashback, extra free shipping cost, and all that on 25 it all Rp 25 thousand,” said COO Tokopedia, Melissa Siska Juminto, when met in ICE BSD on Thursday (5/24/2018).

According to Melissa, the innovation focuses much on how consumers can interact with television shows, and one way is with the shake-shake feature.

“Transactionally, Tokopedia is optimistic to break the new record,” he said.

For the stock of goods that Rp 25 thousand, said Melissa, quite a lot but limited. To that end, he advises who will buy it quickly, will get the items.

“So this flash sale schedule is five times a day, and we chose this month of Ramadan because Ramadan is a good month, this extra Ramadan takes place on 24-25 May 2018,” he said.

The most desirable category in this extra Ramadan program is the needs associated with Lebaran preparations, such as household needs, kitchens, Muslim fashion, as well as food and beverages.

While the products that become trend during this extra Ramadan is koko shirt and dates. The number of users shake-shake feature during Ramadan extra reach 2 million.

Source: Tempo


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