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KIR Test in Surabaya will Apply e-Payment


Surabaya -Gradually, the Department of Transportation of Surabaya City will implement e-Payment in every program or new policy.

Starting from non-cash parking payments, UPTD Tests for Wiyung and Tandes Motor Vehicles will now begin to apply e-Payment.

“The plan starting from April tomorrow will be to apply e-payment,” said Head of UPTD Motor Vehicle Testing Surabaya Abdul Manab when confirmed AFP, Thursday (29/3/2018).

Currently, continued Manab, it is coordinating with three banks in order to prepare the means of payment. The three banks are Bank Jatim, Bank BCA and Bank Mandiri.

In addition to coordinating with banks, Manab has also prepared the required applications for e-Payment.

“For payment of KIR Vehicle Test which is planned to use e-payment, the application has been prepared and now the cooperating bank has studied and will prepare the tool,” he said.

According to him, the application has long been prepared before e-Park Park Bungkul launched. It’s just e-Payment for KIR Vehicles Test newly discussed at this time and will be realized next April.

“The plan is April 2018 KIR Test payment using e-Payment, and it is more efficient and transparent.The bank has prepared a tool that will be placed next to the counter payment,” he concluded.


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