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Memory Features Make It Easy to Track Older Posts on Facebook


Jakarta -Facebook has just provided Memories or Memories for users on Android and iOS devices. The feature lets users search for all the moments they’ve previously shared with their family and friends.

Based on the official description of Facebook, Tuesday (12/06/2018), the feature is able to track posts or photos that users make during using this most popular social media. Facebook feels the need to add features like Memories because more than 90 million people every day use On This Day to remember the moments they share on Facebook.

In that feature, you will find many memories that explain “On This Day”, “Friends Created On This Day”, “Memory Records”, and “Memories That Might Lost”. Even so, users can still access their memories through the Memory bookmarks on the “other” tab at the bottom right of the mobile app.

In addition, connecting Facebook statements, users can access Memories by notice or through messages they may see in their News Feed.

He said the feature can already be used by Facebook users. So what are you waiting for, let’s try this new feature!


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