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This Month Facebook Open Office in Jakarta


Over the top Facebook service is confirmed to open a permanent business entity in Indonesia in August 2017, by adjusting the standard classification of Indonesia’s latest business field.

This was conveyed by Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, Director General of Informatics Applications of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) as a result of talks between the ministry and Asia Pacific Facebook Representatives Jeff Wu and Alvin Tan at Kemenkominfo office on Wednesday (2/8/2017).

“There are several things that we discussed, the first plan to open their office in Indonesia in August will be inaugurated. In South Jakarta, “said Semuel.

Later, all Facebook business activities conducted in Indonesia will be managed in the limited company. In addition, the two sides also discussed the adjustment plan of the business based on the latest classification of Indonesian business field (KBLI).

Previously, Facebook has obtained a license for the establishment of permanent business entity (BUT) based on the old KBLI in March 2017. Subsequently, the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) issued new KBLI in May 2017 and therefore needs to be changed to make adjustments.

According to Semmy, the opening of OTT foreign operational offices in Indonesia will make it easier for the government to oversee tax obligations. In addition, service users also become closer so it is easy to make a complaint in case of interruption.


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