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Moroccan Investors Plant US $ 800 Million for Integrated Sugar Mill


Jakarta -Conglomeration from Morocco The GDTC Group is investing US $ 800 million in Indonesia to build a sugarcane plantation and 2 integrated sugar mills with a 20,000 ha cattle ranch in North Timor Tengah Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

The new company under the auspices of GDTC Group was named PT GDTC Majestic Agro Industries. The sugarcane plantation is projected for the first harvest in two years from now. Therefore it is still in the stage of sugarcane breeding.

Chairman of the Board of Directors GDTC Investments Ahmad Bin Zuhir Bin Mohammad Bin Jaber Al Natour says he is interested in investing because there are opportunities in Indonesia’s sugar industry.

“Last year the total consumption of Indonesia’s sugar was about 5.7 million kg while domestic supply there were only about 3.5 million tons. As a result must import sugar of 2.2 million tons, “he told Bisnis Tuesday (3/4).

GDTC estimates that this year’s sugar demand will increase 25 percent or around 7.1 million tons. The amount is divided into two sectors, the sugar for direct consumption is 3.5 million tons while the sugar for the industry is 3.6 million tons.

Taking into consideration the gap and the stimulation of government open to FDI for the sugar industry, Ahmad wants to invest in the country for the development of sugarcane plantations as well as sugar factories.

PT. GDTC Majestic Agro Industries will have 2 units of factories that stand on an area of ​​99 ha. The plant will operate for 200 days with a capacity of 6,000 TCD. While the sugarcane plantation area of ​​20,000 ha is expected to produce 600 tons of sugar per day or about 110,000 per year.


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