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Nikahsirri.com Case: Aris’s Wife Apologizes


Rani, wife of owner of nikahsirri.com, said that her husband, Aris Wahyudi (49), apologized to all citizens of Indonesia on the case site nikahsirri.com.

The apology was delivered by Rani at his rented house on Jalan Manggis Raya, Block A / 91, Housing of TNI AU Angkasa Puri, Jatimekar Sub-District, Jatiasih Sub-district, Bekasi City, accompanied by her husband underwent examination at Metro Jaya Police Headquarters.

“I Rani as the wife of Aris Wahyudi apologize to all citizens of Indonesia on this case,” he said while crying, Monday (25/09/2017).

As a result of his actions, Aris is currently languishing in Metro Jaya Police prison to undergo a series of police checks since he was arrested on his rented contract on Sunday (24/09/2017) morning.

“He just realized now for his madness during police checks,” he said.

Rani added, he had never involved Aris during the preparation of the launch of the site that began September 19, 2017.

“I do not know, he never talked to me about the site.”

Rani ensures that her entire family is currently supporting the government’s efforts through the relevant agencies to awaken Aris for her mistake. He added that Aris Wahyudi was “a bit crazy” since the Banyuwangi Election 2008 failed.


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