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Not Just Good News, Bad News For Civil Servants Related THR and Salary This Year


Jakarta -Especially for you who have a career as a civil servant alias civil servants, there is bad news as well as good news for you.

In 2018, the government has not planned to raise civil servant salaries.

The last time civil servant salaries rose in 2015 and then by 6 percent.

Quoted from Serambinews.com, Director of Compensation of State Civil Apparatus, State Personnel Board (BKN) Aswin Eka Adhi said that the compilation of civil servant salary scheme 2018 based on Financial Note and Revenue and Expenditure (RAPBN) 2018.

Nevertheless, as compensation, the value of the Hari Raya allowance (THR) will be greater.

Apparently the promise was not just a figment, but realized to be real.

Quoted from Triunnews.com, Director General of Treasury of the Ministry of Finance, Marwanto Harjowiryono, explained that the current Government Regulation Draft (RPP) of two benefits is being finalized in the State Secretariat (Sesneg).

It is confirmed that in the near future President Jokowi will announce the details.

Previously, Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (MenpanRB) Asman Abnur said this year the amount of allowance Hari Raya obtained Civil Servants (PNS) will be greater.

The reason the government will add THR formula not only based on the calculation of basic salaries but also there is a special allowance.

Not only civil servants who are still working, retired civil servants were being cultivated in order to get THR.


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