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Padang City Election Set DPS 536,045 Persons


PADANG -The General Election Commission (KPU) of Padang City establishes a temporary voters list (DPS) for the Election of Regional Head (Pilkada) of Padang City 2018 as many as 536,045 people.

Chairman of KPU Padang M Sawati said the number is not final, because there is still an opportunity for data improvement to be fixed list of voters (DPT) Pilkada Padang 2018.

“We have determined the amount in the plenary session, but the DPS can still be fixed until the DPT set,” he said on Saturday (17/3/2018).

He mentioned from the number of DPS released KPU Padang, as many as 262,242 people consisting of men and 273,803 women. The total number of DPS came from 11 districts with 104 urban villages in Padang City.

As for the results of matching and previous research, the number of voters in the capital of West Sumatra Province reached 584,695 people. The amount is reduced, because there are still people who have voting rights but not eligible, because there is no e-ID card.

For the people who have not been recorded yet, we will continue to make the list of voters, “said M Sawati.

He said KPU Padang will cooperate with the Department of Population and Civil Registry of Padang City to improve and update the voters list.

KPU is targeting the DPT to be completed in April this year, so there is still time to reach and register the people who have not registered in DPS because they do not meet the requirements.

In addition, he mentioned the voting owners of Padang election is a community registered as a resident of Padang City. For those who are only domiciled in Padang are considered not citizens of Padang and do not have the right to vote in the Pilkada.

Meanwhile, this year’s Padang Election is followed by two candidate pairs namely, pair number 1 Emzalmi – Desri Ayunda and pair number 2 Mahyeldi – Hendri Septa.


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