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Pelindo IV Holds First Shipment of Fish Products from Tual


Jakarta -PT Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (Persero) and PT Perikanan Nusantara (Persero) launched the first cargo shipment of fishery products at Fishery Port of Nusantara Tual, West Southeast Maluku. Consolidation of fishery products in eastern Indonesia is expected to spur cargo flows from the region.

President Director of Pelindo IV Doso Agung said the shipment of refrigerated cargo or reefer container from Tual is the first since VAT Tual was built. He added, for the initial stage, the delivery of containers intended for the domestic market. Furthermore, the fishery products collected in Tual will be sent abroad.

Doso said, Pelindo IV has prepared One Roof Service for the export process at the Branch Office of Ambon Branch. “For the acceleration of fish exports will be supported with the necessary facilities, both at Tual Port and Tual VAT,” he said, Friday (23/3/2018).

Doso added that the export status of fishery products sent from Tual is entirely issued by the Port of Ambon.

In the business note, one of the areas that became the center of fisheries is Maluku Province. Data from the Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries shows that Maluku has a fishery potential of up to 3.05 million tons per year with 431,069 tons in the fisheries management area (WPP) of Banda Sea, 631,701 tons of WPP of Seram Sea, and 1.99 million tons in WPP of Arafura Sea.


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