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President Expects Bahrain to Increase Investment in Indonesia


Jakarta -President Joko Widodo expects Bahrain to increase its investment in Indonesia, especially in energy, mineral and other potential fields.

This was disclosed by President Jokowi when receiving the visit of Prince Bahrain Shaikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa at the Presidential Palace of Bogor, Friday (5/11/2018). At the beginning of his speech, the President said that Bahrain is an important friend for Indonesia.

“I am pleased that Bahrain has commissioned its first ambassador to Indonesia and the presence of the Ambassador of Bahrain will further strengthen cooperation between the two countries,” the President said in his official statement.

On this occasion the President also discussed about Indonesia-Bahrain economic cooperation. Jokowi said he was happy to see the development of trade and tourism cooperation between the two countries.

“In 2017, Indonesia-Bahrain trade increased by 103.45 percent to US $ 206.3 million, while the number of Bahraini tourists to Indonesia also increased 6.04 percent to 2,281 people,” he said.

In order to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, President Jokowi took the initiative to encourage the formation of investment forums for both countries to explore investment opportunities.

On the other hand, the arrival of Prince Khalid this time is to organize martial arts Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) titled “Brave 12” which took place Saturday (12/5). Related to this, the President was praying for the event to run successfully.

“Hopefully this event is a success and I hope this international sporting event can be re-done in Indonesia in the future,” said President.


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