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President Jokowi Inaugurates Minangkabau Airport Train, Tomorrow


PADANG -President Joko Widodo is scheduled to inaugurate the Minangkabau Express airport train connecting Simpang Haru Padang Station to Minangkabau International Airport, on Monday, May 21, 2018.

West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno said President Jokowi had already scheduled a working visit to West Sumatra to inaugurate the airport train, as well as review of Prof. Hamka Pesantren.

“One of the important activities of the president is to inaugurate the airport train,” said Irwan, Sunday (20/05/2018).

In addition to the inauguration of the third airport train in the country, after the previous train (KA) Kualanamu International Airport and KA Soekarno Hatta Airport, PRESIDENT Jokowi also scheduled to follow a number of activities.

The intended activity is the distribution of wakaf land certificates and the review of Pesantren Hamka in West Sumatra, as well as other tentative agendas.

“The schedule of the President is very solid, we hope according to schedule President Jokowi can visit West Sumatera,” said Irwan.

The Minangkabau Airport train has been operated since the beginning of this month. The train serves transportation from BIM to downtown Padang.

The airport train ticket is sold at Rp10,000 for Padang – BIM, and Rp5.000 for Padang – Tabing, Padang – Duku and Tabing – Duku routes.

This airport train passes four stations with a total length of 27 kilometers, namely Simpang Haru Station, Tabing Station, Duku Station, and BIM Station, with a capacity of 393 seats.


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