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Prime to Indonesia, 10 Blackpink Portions like Barbie


One of the marketplaces in Indonesia, Shopee officially appoints a rising South Korean girl group, Blackpink as their Brand Ambassador. In celebrating the road tour to 12.12 Birthday Sale, Shopee brought Jisoo, Rose, Jennie and Lisa directly to Indonesia.

Shown at 7:30 p.m., the program aired on 4 national television channels managed to gather Blink from various regions. Amazing thousands of spectators at the Sentul International Convention Center with their appearance, here is a beautiful portrait of Jennie et al last night.

1In the promotional video, Blackpink is in the exact set with MV Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du

2“It’s really nice to come, because the set was changed exactly like in the MV, the chandelier was also changed,” said Rose, wearing a yellow knee-length plaid dress

3Lisa, who looks cute wearing a black top, said she was very happy to meet Blink Indonesia

4He also reminded that Blackpink will return to Indonesia next year

5“Don’t forget that next year we will have a concert so meet you there,” Lisa said kindly

6Blackpink displays 3 songs very energetically starting with “As If it Your Last”

7After the second song “Forever Young” was delivered, Blackpink greeted his fans “Are you all happy? One more song, really happy?”

8Jennie also reminded them that they will meet Blink Indonesia again at the concert next year

9Jennie also promises that at the concert they will show a more complete performance

10Blackpink closes the performance with the song “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du”

Appearing midway through the show, Rezki Yanuar as Shopee Indonesia Brand Country Manager admitted to finding a schedule that fit Blackpink was quite difficult, because Blackpink had to go home tonight. Even so already satisfied with the appearance of Jennie et al?

12Like this:



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