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Singapore Vs Indonesia National Team U-23: Evan Dimas Not Sure to Play


Jakarta – U-23 midfield Evan Dimas Darmono is likely to miss a test against Singapore to be held at Kallang National Stadium, Singapore, Eabu March 21, 2018.

Evan, currently in charge of Selangor FA in the Malaysian Super League, suffered an ankle injury while strengthening his side against Trengganu on Friday 16 March. Evan then played for 72 minutes before being pulled out.

“Evan’s condition is still injured, he used to play last week, and his condition is being examined by doctors,” said Endri Erawan, U-23 national team manager.

According to Endri, the determination of whether or not new Evan Dimas play will be set after the final practice this afternoon.

“Evening is our last training, if Evan’s condition improves, he can play, if he has not recovered, it’s definitely not installed, so Evan’s problem will play or not tomorrow, all depends on the condition after the final practice this afternoon.”

According to the asiaten coach of the Milky Way, the U-23 national team test against Singapore this time is not a regular warm-up match. Game tomorrow at the same time will be used by coach Luis Milla to determine the Indonesian squad that will be demoted in the 2018 Asian Games.


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