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Smartphone Camera Can’t Compete Sony Mirrorless Camera


Jakarta -Despite the current smart phone vendors competing to release sophisticated camera smartphone, camera manufacturer from Japan, Sony, admitted not worried it will disrupt the camera market.

President Director of PT Sony Indonesia, Kazuteru Makiyama said the advanced camera phone still will not replace the experience of shooting with a photo camera.

“We do not turn a blind eye to that, but we also do not consider it as a competition,” he said when met after the launch of Sony A7 III mirrorless camera in Jakarta, Thursday (29/3/2018).

Makiyama said, recent photographs have indeed become a culture inherent in the community, especially with mobile cameras. Instead of disturbing, he judged it as a good habit because it can arouse the user’s interest in the world of photography.

“Any sophisticated camera phone still has a limit,” he said.

Photos taken through the camera phone, said Makiyama, has a different quality with photos that are immortalized through the camera, for example with full frame mirrorless camera. Similarly, the camera functions, many features that can not be replaced by the camera phone.

“Image sensor, autofocus, zoom, all aspects, especially experience photographing must be different,” added Makiyama.

Makiyama optimistic let alone see the growth of the camera market today, especially mirrorless cameras. He said throughout 2017 Sony has increased global revenue by 80% and is targeted to rise this year.

“We continue to strive to improve the market, continue to live the photo culture. Makes more people love photography, especially with mirrorless cameras, “he concluded.


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