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Spring Meeting IMF – The World Bank: These 3 Points That Will Be Highlight


WASHINGTON -There are at least three points emphasized in the agenda of the IMF Spring Meeting – The World Bank which will be held April 16-22, 2018, namely the topic of trade, improvement of trust and technology.

The highlight of the three points, already echoed by International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde, gave a speech at the University of Hong Kong on Wednesday (11/4/18).

The trade wars that occurred between the United States and China, were indirectly the topic of discussion. Lagarde mentioned the current growth momentum, should be used by policy action and reform, especially in employment and the service sector.

Unfortunately, there is no doubt that there are major concerns about the negative impact on employment growth due to trade tensions.

“How can we maintain the current increase in the state of rising risks and how we can foster long-term growth that benefits all parties,” he said in the speech.

In order to promote long-term growth, one of the priorities for the global economy is to avoid protectionism. This time, Lagarde assumes protectionism at first glance looks beautiful, but if you look further, it looks a lot flawed.

Related technology will also be much touched on this spring meeting this time. In the official schedule of the IMF Spring Meeting – The World Bank 2018, the topic of a big data and machine learning seminar to see short-term macroeconomic forecasts.

In addition, Lagarde himself plans to be a moderator in a session with the topic Digitalization and the New Gilded Age.

Issues build trust, visible from some scheduled seminar themes. IMF Deputy Managing Director Teo Zhang will give a speech in a seminar titled building trust and resilience.

Finally, as the closing menu of this series of spring meetings, Lagarde together with Paraguay Finance Minister Lea Gimanez Duarte, and Managing Director of Transparency International Patricia Moreira sat together in a seminar entitled Restoring Trust by Curbing Corruption.

Spring Meeting IMF – The unites the International Monetary Fund Governing Council (IMF) and the World Bank Group (WBG) with central bankers, finance and development ministers, parliamentarians, the private sector, representatives of community organizations and academia.

The forum, which opens with the exposure of the World Economic Outlook, also addresses issues of global concern, including the world economic outlook, poverty alleviation, economic development and aid effectiveness.


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