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The 15 Coolest Movies Theatre in the World, I do not want to go


During this time, you’ve ever seen the most memorable movie theater where, huh? What do you find most unique and cool? If not, it’s time you get a unique and antimainstream viewpoint. Guaranteed to be amazed and welcome to watch the movie.

1When is the city park going to a nobar kayak title in Athens, Greece, this?

2World Cup Nobel in place like this? Wow, everyone dreams!

3Looks like many countries will adapt the event nobar like in Sydney

4Watch in Budapest, Hungary, like to watch an international-class orchestra, right?

5No need all the way to Olympia Music Hall, France. You can feel the same in the Velvet CGV class

6Exciting really nobar sensation surrounded by city scenery. Indonesia is not there, huh?

7Not just a concert, stadium or coloseum can also be for the event that nobar exclaimed. As in the Arena, Pula, Croatia

8How are the old buildings in your premises? Is it still awake and can be used as a location nobar in Kurshumli An In Skopje, Macedonia?

9Ever been here in Indonesia, have never ngerasain watching movies like this?


Nothing that epic watching together in the middle of the island of Yao Noi, Thailand

11Ever terbesit, watching together with the feel of a hot tube like in Limes Hotel, Australia, not?

12Hot Tube Cinema, presents the thrill of watching while bathing. Fun, right?

13In addition to Sydney, Germany also had a movie-watching event in the middle of the city. Indonesia when, yes?

14Who can resist American-style nostalgic era of the 50s at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Florida

15Inspired Life of Pie movie, this is the atmosphere of watching above the pool in Paris. If you do not know what?

Well, really fun, right? Which one do you want to cobain?

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