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The Importance of Research, 2019 Indonesia Targets Defeat Malaysia


The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) realizes the importance of research for the future of the nation. No wonder, if the government in this case Kemristekdikti continue to encourage researchers and colleges to be able to improve their research.

To improve the motivation and spirit of the research actors, Kemristekdikti also reward them. With the aim, this effort can increase the number of publications both on the institution and the author itself.

“Through this Award Sinta, give appreciation to the researchers. It could be the institution, the manager of the journal, or institutional, “said Minister of Research and Technology, Mohamad Nasir in Building D, Kemristekdikti Office, Jakarta.

1Target 2019, Indonesia targets to defeat Malaysia in journal creation

Nasir said currently the number of international journals owned by Indonesia has reached 12,260-an journal. While Singapore alone just reached the number of journals of 10ribuan.

“If Malaysia now has 12,400-an, it’s just a little more. Therefore, we want to push to reach the target beyond Malaysia, “he explained.

2Sweeping the budget to maximize the quality of research and education

In addition, Nasir also said that the need for better budgeting. It is intended that the quality of research can be improved and also the greater the underprivileged students can study.

“Budget sweeping is also required. I ask for a budget to be shifted and improved on research. So that can increase many children from poor families to get education, “said Nasir.

3Generate innovations that can benefit the community

Nasir said the current college atmosphere is getting better. Things want to be pushed now is in quantity first, then push on quality terms. Research is also better to be useful for the community.

“Research can be better so it can be applied to the community. That’s the importance of research for Indonesia. Collaboration is also done by inventors, researchers and industry to deliver their innovation results. In order to be an economic value added, “he explained.

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