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These 5 Color Clothes That Want to Make Boys Fascinated Enjoyed!


Fashion and beauty world is never from a woman because it all makes the confidence and charm of women visible. Although the guys judge if the girls were complicated, in fact the guys also like some colors of clothing that women use.

Approximately what are the colors of clothing that can make a guy fascinated with the charisma of a girl? 6 colors below is an example.

1Light blue color

According to the guy, the light blue color can give the impression cool and cool for anyone who saw it. In addition, it is said that girls who wear light blue clothing implied is a compassionate and patient. Approximately you like to wear blue clothes not girls ?.

2Pink color

Meanwhile, according to the guys, girls who wear pink clothes look a figure that cute, feminine, and gentle. Pink color is able to make the display seem relaxed and relaxed.

Well for you who like to wear a pink color not necessarily spelled out lebay, yet this color is really fitting for you !.

3White color


Well while the white color can make you look elegant and classy really! Pure and clean color is able to make girls seem very classy.

4Black color

According to most guys, black looks elegant and mysterious when worn by women. By wearing black, girls will look more sleek and slim. So for you who are obese, it is advisable to wear black clothes so a little look slim.

5Red color

Girls who wear red clothing must always be the main attraction boys because this color does look feminine, confident and full of courage. So, the red lover girls do not need to be afraid to say tacky when using this color clothing yes !.

6Orange color

Lastly according to the guys, girls who wear orange clothes can make a cheerful impression, passion and joy. Orange color can make the wearer look more cheerful lho!

So, tomorrow you want to wear what color?

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