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Tokopedia Not Want Go-Jek Susan


BADUNG -Unlike Go-Jek, Tokopedia is not planning to expand abroad because it is still the focus of the fight in the domestic market.

Tokopedia CEO William Tanuwijaya said local e-commerce company windows to ensure dominance in the Indonesian market is getting narrower.

“I can not tell Jeff Bezos to wait 5 more years to enter Indonesia,” he said on Wednesday (9/5/2018).

William explained that companies must master a market before deciding to expand into other markets. Moreover, Indonesia is the most important market in Southeast Asia.

On the other hand, the Traveloka platform is now available in 6 countries. Traveloka CEO Ferry Unardi said Traveloka currently even controls the Thai market.

“We’ve done that [expansion]. With headquarters in Jakarta, we are present in Southeast Asia, “he said.

Ferry said the decision to expand into other markets makes Traveloka continue to grow and hire more local programmers to manage the Traveloka platform.

At the same event, Go-Jek CEO Nadiem Makarim said Go-Jek is now confident to expand beyond Indonesia.

“We are here to prove that technology can advance a country. To prove it, our blueprint must be applicable in another country. We want to test [this hypothesis], “Nadiem said

Four unicorns from Indonesia became speakers in the Nexticorn International Summit which took place in Bali. In addition to Nadiem, William, and Ferry-CEO Bukalapak Achmad Zaky is also present to share the experience of pioneering technology companies with 68 pilot companies and dozens of investors who attended the event.


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