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Twitter denies allegations of discrimination from President Trump

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Jakarta – Twitter denied discrimination against Republican members’ accounts in the social media, as US President Donald Trump alleged.

“We do not do shadow tires and we certainly do not do that based on political views,” Chief Executive Jack Dorsey, Thursday (26/07/2018) local time.

Previously, Trump accused Twitter of targeting colleagues in Republicans by limiting their existence. One of them by making it difficult for Twitter users to search for profiles or cuitan of party members in the search menu.

He calls this practice a shadow banning.

“Twitter is doing shadow banning to Republicans, it’s not good, we’ll trace this discriminatory and illegal practice right away!” Many complaints, “Trump said through his official Twitter account on Thursday (26/7).

Reuters reported Friday following a report from Vice that Republican National Republican Ronna McDaniel and other Republican members, including a spokesman for Donald Trump Jr., had a shadow banning practice.

“The assumption that social media will limit certain political views should be a concern to every US citizen.” Twitter owes the answer to the public about what happened, “said McDaniel.

Meanwhile, Republican US Congressman Matt Gaetz blamed a policy change on Twitter that reduced his number of followers. It claimed to be investigating this.

In its official statement, Twitter insists there is no such practice alleged.

Social media explains that there is a system that compiles a ranking of search results and cuitan. It is done in order to make a cuitan be relevant.

Factors affecting the ranking there are three. First, the cuitan of the people who are considered attractive by the user should be in the top rank.

Secondly, popular cooking is likely to have interesting content and therefore should be ranked in the top.

Third, cuitan from parties who intend to manipulate or divide the conversation should be placed in the bottom rank. These points include the authenticity of the account, anything that the account does on Twitter, and how other accounts interact with the account.

On July 12, 2018, Twitter implemented a new policy to increase credibility and suppress the spread of false news and fraud. These changes make the Twitter users will lose a number of its follower, to more than 2%.

The Washington Post reports former US President Barack Obama lost 2 million followers after the policy was implemented, while singers Katy Perry and Justin Bieber lost 3 million followers. Trump lost 200,000 of his 53 million followers.

Source: Reuters, The Washington Post


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