Home Industry Want to Order Goods from Singapore Free Shipping, Know more  Here

Want to Order Goods from Singapore Free Shipping, Know more  Here


Jakarta -Responding to consumer demand in Indonesia, Hargadunia.com’s shopping portal launches its newest feature providing shopping options in Singapore without shipping costs.

This latest feature is driven by the higher and intensive to Indonesian consumer spending patterns that want to shop in Singapore.

Marketing Manager Hargadunia.com, Taufik Darmawan said initially Hargadunia.com only sell a variety of imported products from the United States. All products in Hargadunia.com are from Amazon, e-Bay, Bestbuy, Jomashop, Puritan, Toys R Us, Target, Shopbop, Walmart, Costco, Lego, and other American online stores.

“But as time goes by, we get a lot of demand from consumers to be able to buy goods from other countries, one of which is Singapore,” he said in a press statement received by Bisnis.com on Wednesday (05/16/2018).

Another advantage of this latest feature is the number of unique products that can not be found in Indonesia. In addition, product shipment only takes 5-7 working days at very cheap cost, compared to if consumers buy directly from Singapore online store. Consumers can make a product request if the item is not available at Hargadunia.com and will automatically appear.

Shopping features from Singapore has various categories, including beauty, health, vitamins, household appliances, books, clothing, toys, shoes, gadgets, sports equipment, outdoors, and electronic tools.

“The diversity of this category is expected to facilitate the needs of consumers in shopping various products from Singapore”.

Taufik explained for Ramadan this year, Hargadunia.com has prepared promo-promo that consumers can take advantage of in order to get goods abroad with low prices such as free International Shipping, Charity and features where each donation provided by consumers will be doubled to twice folding.

“We are continuously improving our services to be faster on time and shopping options in other countries such as the UK, Europe, Australia, Korea, Japan and other countries as well as to open branches in Malaysia, Vietnam and China due to high demand of consumers in the country, “he said.


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