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Who is SPL Sorensen Featured on Google Doodle Today?


Jakarta -Google Doodle today featuring Soren Peder Lauritz Sorensen. Who is he?

Sorensen is a Danish chemist, known for making the pH concept of scale to measure acidity and alkalinity. In fact, he was initially more interested in working in the medical field.

Reporting from The Independent on Tuesday (29/5/2018), Sorensen was born in Havrebjerg in 1868 and studied at the University of Copenhagen at the age of 18 years. While studying, he also works to provide for daily needs.

Sorensen worked as an assistant at the Danish Polytechnic Institute chemistry laboratory and became an assistant in Danish geological surveys. In addition, he also worked as a consultant at the dock belonging to the Danish Navy.

Sorensen worked as director of the chemistry department at Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen in 1901-1938. The laboratory was founded by Carlsberg’s founder, JC Jacobsen, with the aim of developing biochemical knowledge, especially in the case of brewing.

It was here that he discovered the concept of pH, precisely in 1909 – which is now widely used in many fields, including medical, water treatment, and chemistry.

Sorensen died on February 12, 1939. Almost throughout his professional career, he was assisted by his second wife, Margrethe Hoyrup Sorensen, who is also a scientist.

They both worked at the Carlsberg Laboratory and studied lipoproteins as well as the complexities of carbon monoxide and hemoglobin.


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