10 Tips For Dealing With Love In The First Look

Love at first sight? You may believe that. Even so, you also need to fight for your love to be you know. How to do it? Here are the steps you can take.

Give the first message with body language, such as giving a smile, leaning in while chatting, and raising eyebrows to show enthusiasm

Make eye contact when greeting and chatting with her. Show that you are important and not just then

Find out what he likes by asking, but do not be too scathing yes

Be a good listener and explore information about him as much as possible. However, you also need to share a lot too


Create quality chats, like joking and sharing secrets. Even so, do not force if he is not ready

Say good things and always think positive. It will show that you can be trusted

Asking for help from simple things, but not making it up

Show yourself as you are, but still highlight your positive side

Be flexible and always be there when he needs someone

Make him comfortable with your presence. That way, he will be ready to accept your love

That’s the steps to approach a new person you know. Even so, you also have the right to decide whether he is entitled to receive your love. If he feels-he just fits as a friend, yes there’s no problem.

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