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11 New Mitsubishi Models Will Take Attention In 2 Years

After joining the Renault-Nissan alliance, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) is preparing a mid-term move to launch 11 new product models by 2020.

MMC Corporate Vice President Vincent Cobee explained to reporters from Indonesia at the plant and R & D facility in Okazaki some time ago that it is preparing six completely new cars and five units of cars with minor changes.

Two of the six new cars that have been launched are Mitsubishi Xpander for the MPV segment in Indonesia and Southeast Asia and Eclipse Cross from the SUV segment for European, Japanese and US markets.

Cobee explains Mitsubishi’s new lineup is expected to boost sales by 30 percent over the three-year period.

“Xpander was successfully launched in Indonesia with a positive response from consumers on exterior design, interior, ground clereance, large body and comfort that provides comfort,” said Cobee and added Xpander is proof of the launch of new cars that increase sales.

He explains, at least every year MMC will launch two new models, followed by other models that will get a minor touch.


Not just new cars, the big alliance also plans to launch 12 electric cars, and two of them are Mitsubishi’s latest electric vehicle models.

Problem model, CEO Osamu Masuko MMC said, it will continue to concentrate to produce a unique SUV according to customer needs Mitsubishi.

“Mitsubishi Motors has been offering SUVs for decades, long before the term was created.In the golden era of this SUV, we will create a unique SUV for Mitsubishi Motors,” said Masuko at Tokyo Motor Show 2017.

“Our main strength is the SUV, we introduce electric vehicles in front of our competitors and we are also strong in creating new types of vehicles,” he said.

“We will continue to refine SUV and electrification technologies and we will integrate them with new technologies such as artificial intelligence and vehicle connectivity,” said Masuko.

Outlander PHEV SUV from Mitsubishi that combines EV sophistication, SUV toughness and agility Lancer Evolution. The car has been sold in the European and Japanese markets, but it needs preparation if you want to enter the Indonesian market.

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