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12 Indonesian Traditional Dessert Makes Us Want to Keep Snacking


No less delicious than dessert variants, aka dessert from abroad, Indonesia also has traditional snacks that will close the end of your meal session sweetly. You can stop mouth and stomach from eating the 12 dishes below, because it’s so delicious!

1Sweet Martabak

Although there are many contemporary variants, sweet martabak still includes traditional Indonesian food. The dough is tender and the legit is what makes you fall in love.


The food made from white glutinous rice dough is called long, but there are some who call it brittle. The splash of brown sugar which meets with savory gemblong dough is a perfect complement.


This apple cake is called one of the most favorite snacks in a number of cities, especially Jakarta. You can find it in traditional markets or street vendors. The smell of the scent that was fragrant when made always made them pass through drooling.

4Paint cheese

Pukis cake at first glance feels like a pinch cake, it’s just that the size is bigger and the dough is solid.

5Fried bananas

Fried bananas, apart from being a snack or companion for drinking tea, can also be served at the end as a dessert. Steady!

6Layer cake

This sago-based layer cake is chewy in texture and tastes sweet. Did you team directly or did you eat it gradually while removing the layer one by one?

7Lapis legit

It’s very different from a layer cake, legit layer can be said to be a traditional cake. As the name suggests, the taste is legit and fun.

8Cucur cake

Afternoon, eating a cake together with a cup of hot tea is a simple thing that makes the heart suddenly happy. The sweetness of brown sugar is really married if combined with flour and savory coconut milk mixture.

9Bika Ambon

Although the name is bika Ambon, this one food actually comes from Medan, North Sumatra. So named it is said that he was first sold on Jalan Ambon, Medan.


This one chewy textured cake always has a “surprise” with a melted red sugar when bitten. Who still likes to be shocked or even choked, huh?


The savory soft dough made from rice flour is in perfect harmony with the sweetness of bananas. Plus the aroma of banana leaves that make it wrap makes Nagasari more delicious, isn’t it?

12Steamed Cake

Still hungry after eating heavily? This cake can be a filling dessert, because it is made from several types of flour, such as rice flour, tapioca, and sago.

In this case, those who are initially full can suddenly be hungry again because of the appearance of tempting cakes. Which one is your favorite, huh?

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