Only 2 Weeks For Smartfren CDMA Customer For Migration to LTE 4G

Smartfren Telecom Tbk. provides 2 weeks from 31 October to 14 November 2017 to all CDMA subscribers who are still not migrating to LTE 4G services.

President Director, Merza Fachys, stated that his party gives up to 2 weeks time to CDMA customers because until now there are tens of thousands of Smartfren customers who have not migrated to 4G LTE service. The reason, the device does not support the latest technology.

Ten thousands of CDMA Smartfren service users who have not yet migrated are still dominated by customers in Java, especially DKI Jakarta. all customers in the near future will do 100% migration.


Before using 4G LTE technology, Smartfren operates CDMA services in the 1.900 MHz and 850 MHz frequency bands. Now only 850 MHz band is still active because the frequency of 1900 MHz has been turned off and returned to the government, as of December last year.

This year Smartfren is again working to migrate customers to 4G, among others through offering a variety of affordable and affordable 4G Andromax devices, as well as SIM 4G LTE Smartfren’s first SIM card free on any open handset.


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