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20 Russian Vocabulary Similar to the Indonesian Language!


When Russia hosts the 2018 World Cup, many people find out about the culture there, including the language they use. The majority of the red bear country residents use Russian as a daily conversation. So it is important for you who want to visit there learn this language in order to converse with local residents or not confused when they want to ask for their help.

Russian is not as popular as other International Languages. But in fact this language has become one of the Official Language of the United Nations other than English, Arabic, French, Mandarin, and Spanish. Although included in the cluster of Slavic Language, it turns out many lho vocabulary similar to the Indonesian language. What are they?

1Nomer – nomer (Number)

2Televizor – televisi (Television)

3Motiv – motif (Motive)

4Kontsert – konser (Concert)

5Sup – sup (Soup)

6Dva – dua (Two)

7Video – video (Video)

8Zhurnal – jurnal (majalah) (Journals)

9Standart – standar (Standard)

10Paket – paket (bungkusan) (Packages)

11Shkola – sekolah (School)

12Lampa – lampu (Lights)

13Telekommunikatsiya – telekomunikasi (Telecommunications)

14Mashina – mesin (Machine)

15Muzyka – Musik (Music)

16Gitara – gitar (Guitar)

17Telefon – telepon (Telephone)

18Vaza – vas bunga (A┬ávase of flowers)

19Inzhener – Insinyur (Engineer)

20Radio – radio (Radio)

So easy to memorize it? Hopefully the collection of vocabulary above will your spirits to learn Russian language.

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