2017, Ace Hardware Sales (ACES) Grows 20.3%

Jakarta -Throughout 2017, PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk. booked sales of Rp5.94 trillion, up 20.32% from Rp4.93 trillion recorded in 2016.

Based on the 2017 financial report published on Saturday (31/3/2018), sales of ACES-coded stock issuers consisted of home improvement products worth Rp3.31 trillion, lifestyle products Rp2.39 trillion, and toys products Rp176.2 billion.

On the other hand, ACES’s cost of goods sold last year reached Rp3.1 trillion, resulting in a gross profit of Rp2.83 trillion.

After deducting operating expenses and other expenses, ACES’s operating profit in 2017 reached Rp968.35 billion.

Meanwhile, the net income or current year earnings attributable to owners of the parent was Rp777.73 billion, up 9.45% compared to 2016’s achievement of Rp710.58 billion.

Ace Hardware Indonesia Corporate Secretary Helen Tanzil uga announced the opening of its new outlet on March 28, 2018.

The third new store opened by ACES this year is located in Teraskota, Tangerang. The area of ​​the household appliance store reached 1,189 square meters.

“Thus, the company has a total of 147 outlets,” he explained in the information disclosure on BEI, Saturday (31/3/2018).

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