3 Photos of Fiki Alman and Angel Lelga at the Filming Location Before Accused of Cheating by Vicky Prasteyo

Jakarta – The figure of Fiki Alman suddenly became a public conversation after Angel Lelga was raided by Vicky Prasetyo on Monday (11/19/2018), early morning at 02.00 WIB.

The reason is when Angel Lelga was raided by Vicky Prasetyo, Fiki Alman is thought to be in the same house.

Long before being raided by Vicky Prasetyo, a photo of Fiki Alman with Angel Lelga was posted on their Instagram account.

Fiki Alman is known as a young newcomer FTV artist.

He often appeared on the screen by starring in several soap opera titles and FTV.

If traced on Wikipedia, Fiki Alman turned out to have starred in the soap opera Raden Kian Santang and the Sword of Naga Puspa.

He has also played in the big screen titled Prohibited Singing in the Bathroom.

When the raid took place, it was seen that a red big motorbike was parked in Angel’s house which was allegedly owned by Fiki Alman.


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