5 Foundations That Make You & Couple Towards the Wedding Gate

Marriage becomes a new gateway to every human life. Not harena has a new status and always along with a loved one. But getting married also makes us do many new things that we have never done before. Underwent challenges we did not imagine before, even enjoyed every moment with a variety of feelings.

Together with your partner through courtship does not guarantee you are really ready to get married. Although all the affairs of the soul mate in the hands of God, can not you also keep fighting. Because, God will also provide in accordance with our efforts and maximum efforts.

If you and he does already have this attitude? If it means you are ready to get married 🙂

Open each other, because you believe the problem can be solved together

Live together for a long time, you will also face problems and problems both in the household. Openness is one of the keys to the success of your household communications later. If accustomed to starting when still a potential spouse, it is not difficult to adapt to the real world after marriage.

You who talk to each other about problems, ask for advice or even expect criticism to show that you trust each other with your partner. Not just happy to get a compliment, but also not easily angered when it comes to receiving criticism.

Clever prioritize needs & desires

Preparing for marriage requires tremendous effort and effort. You guys are used to doing and enjoying all their own hard work. Meet the needs and realize the desire as if there is no limit. But learning to prioritize your needs and wants from now on is also very good.

You and your spouse can start having savings together. Make the priority which must be met first and which can be fulfilled after you together. Learning to prioritize as well as manage all the needs in accordance with the portion.

Be able to distinguish every emotion you have

It’s not unlikely you will experience any kind of dispute before the wedding. But from here you and your partner will learn how to recognize and control every emotion that comes up, will make your relationship more harmonious.

Although it is not impossible that the same problem will appear again and again at a later time. But you and he will know what to do. Your maturity will begin to be tested from your ability to control your emotions.

Set the time to make you balance in life

If when you are alone you are free to set and use the time for personal affairs. So if your goal is to step into the marriage with a potential partner, then the matter of managing the time should be able to overcome. You will not live on your own business. There are wives or husbands and children you must accompany. Even you will lose a lot of time for yourself.

Adaptations that you will do after marriage can be trained since you prepare for marriage. Starting from dividing the time to prepare the needs of marriage, up to set the time to complete the job.

Do not distinguish the affection that will be given

This one you must definitely understand. You must love your partner with all your heart. But will you do the same for your family and friends? Are you willing to spend time sharing stories with them? Do you want to share your love for them? Because when you and your lover are married, the union is not just you, but your family, your friends too.

Learn to get to know them one by one. No need to memorize them, because it takes time. Know who they are, know the usual activities. Feel free to participate so that your relationship is getting closer and closer.

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